Tax Returns

Given the close relationship between investments, financial planning, and income taxes, we assist our clients with the preparation and filing of their personal income tax returns. From the client’s perspective this is more efficient than coordinating information between a wealth manager and an accountant. From our perspective, we gain a better understanding of each client’s financial circumstances which can lead to a more accurate financial plan and better investment recommendations.

Our Approach

Most of our clients have straightforward personal income tax situations, making it relatively easy for us to assist with the preparation and filing of their annual income tax return. However, please consider the following restrictions regarding our income tax preparation service:

  • High Level Wealth Management is not an accounting firm and does not provide tax advice.
  • If tax advice is required, we can provide a referral to an accounting firm or we can work with your existing accountant/tax professional. We do not receive any compensation for referrals made to an external firm but the accounting firm may levy a fee for their services which will be negotiated and charged to the client directly.
  • Clients acknowledge that the accuracy of the information and completeness of the representations reflected in the clients’ returns are the clients’ responsibility under the Income Tax Act.
  • Complicated returns, as determined by High Level Wealth Management in its sole discretion, are excluded from the service. For complicated tax cases (including corporate returns) we will need to refer clients to a third party at the client’s expense.